Program Overview


KCUVP provides students with unparalleled applied education through due diligence, deal screening and presentations to senior investment professionals.

Students receive a scholarship for their participation, a dedicated work space, opportunities to travel to observe other entrepreneurial ecosystems, and access to advisors and summer internship opportunities.

The program strives to create an individualized career preparation program for each new student with the express goal of helping that student achieve their career aspirations, including entrepreneurial endeavors or other areas of finance and business.

Students also have access to an interesting array of internship possibilities with direct inbound interest from private companies and fund managers across the Midwest, Mountain West and beyond.

In addition, the program provides other opportunities to learn and grow through subsidized trips and access to numerous conferences throughout the year.


Intern Level

  • Students are brought on for one semester as interns where they are both trained and begin to work on live deals.
  • This phase gives a baseline understanding of the deal flow process and components, including:
    • Venture Capital/Private Equity Basics
    • Financial Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Term Sheets
    • Finance Documents
    • Putting it all together

Associate LevelS

  • Those who perform well are invited to stay on in the Fund and are promoted.
  • Associates take on a more encompassing role and have more freedom and flexibility to work within the projects they choose.
  • Senior associates lead the team for the deals and projects and can even help maintain relationships with the entrepreneurs and other investors in the deal.