Engage Our Students


You have Projects, We have talent

During their second semester in the program our upper level students seek projects that provide them practical entrepreneurship and venture capital experience. These projects, which range in time from a few hours to 3 weeks, are overseen by the programs instructors and advisors.  

These exceptional, bright, and dedicated students have helped with projects such as:

  • Start to finish due diligence of investment opportunities
  • Customer calls for marketing purposes and diligence efforts
  • Product pricing analysis
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Assessment of go-to-market options
  • Customer churn evaluation
  • Deal sourcing study
  • New product analysis/recommendations
  • Competitive analysis
  • Risk analysis of the investment opportunity

Our Process is Plug and Play

Don't worry, this isn't reams of paperwork, weeks of interviews, and hours and hours of management. It's as simple as submitting your need and us assigning the right team for you, so that your project gets tackled as quickly as possible. 

From mid-September to late April we assign projects as they come in to teams of students. We would love to hear what you need help with. 

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